Thank you for visiting my epoxy resin photography shop.  My name is Jenni Koontz,  I live full time on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. I have been photographing the Outer Banks since 2009. Specializing in wedding photography, family photography, surf photography and local Hatteras Island documentary photography.

In the summer of 2018 I started learning how to surf, opening my eyes to the world of surfing and all that it entails. While learning about surfboards and how they are made, the idea of glassing a surfboard with epoxy resin, struck an idea to apply the process to my photographs to bring them to life. I started to learn the tedious process of applying resin to my images, through trial and error creating flawless art.

Epoxy resin photo printing is the process of glassing a premium lustre paper print onto custom deep cradled birch wood panel with epoxy resin. The process takes 72 hours to adhere and cure. The epoxy is sanded in between coats and torched with a flame to free air bubbles and help cure correctly. The two layers of resin applied to each print gives the image depth and intense color, protecting the image for a lifetime.

This is a new adventure for me and I am excited to offer a modern unique and classy way to enjoy photographs in your home or office. The glassed photos in person are stunning! Your friends and family will be impressed with the display of your glassed portrait. I am currently the only photographer offering resin prints on the Outer Banks.

Thank you for supporting my Outer Banks resin photography! ❤️ Jenni