Epoxy resin is a relatively soft substance easy to scratch and sensitive to chemicals and oils. To ensure proper care of your resin print avoid the following:

Extreme Heat
Epoxy resin is a type of plastic, its melting point is lower than the melting point of metal. While epoxy resin can be flamed when its first mixed together and is still in the curing/ hardening stage, once it has cured a flame can ruin the resin print. Avoid touching fire or extreme heat to the resin print.

Sharp Objects
Anything with a sharp edge can scratch the surface of resin. Abrasive cloths and sandpapers can scratch the resin surface. Use only a micro fiber cloth (like the cloth that comes with your print) to wipe and clean the surface of the print.

Submerging in Liquids
Do not submerge in liquids of any kind.

Harsh Chemicals
Chemicals such as acetone are known to eat plastic (and resin is a type of plastic). Alcohol, while useful can potentially damage the surface of epoxy resin, too. Avoid using perfumes and aerosol spray chemicals next to prints they are often alcohol-based and over time can disturb the resin coating.

Oils can ruin the surface of resin. Over time skin oils can cause distortion to resin prints try to avoid constant touching with hands. Avoid spraying aerosol lotions around the resin print.